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Wander! Trips audio guides are created by travelers just like you.


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While traveling, the biggest problem many people face is the language barrier. While translating apps might work most of the time, a lot of landmarks and addresses are translated/spelled in different ways. This makes it hard to search for correct information on the go. For example 선릉("The Stone Guards of the Royal Tombs" in the heart of downtown Seoul) is spelled Samneung on Google but the official spelling is Seolleung. This difference gives the traveler unnecessary stress and confusion in an unfamiliar city.

Wander! Trips solves this problem by providing a location based audio guide platform. You no longer have to rely on misspelled names but your location relative to audio guides pin pointed on a map.

Currently most of the audio guides on Wander! Trips are related to tours in Korea. We will expand our presence to other countries soon.

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Wander! Trips audio guides also provide you with useful information to help you during your trip. Maps giving you the exact location of the audio guide and text based information so you can get a brief description of the guide before playing it. You can also leave the guide creator comments to give thanks and feedback.

You can also create playlists for yourself and others. Giving you the ability to plan a day of travel or even your whole trip!

Why stop there? Download audio guides onto your smart phone and explore the city carefree of data restrictions!

Unique Audio Guides tailored to your taste

We are always looking for new ways to express their uniqueness. This is why people are always craving for "one of a kind" or "limited edition" products. This also applies to the way we travel. We do not want to have the same experience with every other Joe and Jane sitting next to you on the plane.

Wander! Trips audio guides are created by other travelers just like you; sharing their diverse experiences during their travels. This allows us to provide a wide base of audio guides to fit every traveler’s needs. Some travelers sightseeing Changdeok Palace might be interested in the historical background of the Korea's last Emperor Gojong and why Korea does not have a Royal family anymore. While other travelers might not care much for history and just be interested in Seoul's nightlife.

We at Wander! Trips love to travel, especially the unique experiences and emotions that come with them. We hope to become your favorite travel companion for all your travel needs.

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